just some brown girl paying too much for a white man's education.
Since the first people on the planet earth were nonwhite it is unlikely that
white women were the first females to rebel against male domination.
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Problems with the Popular: Why I wish Sherlock was less popular


Because the wank over A Scandal in Belgravia is getting to the point that I wonder why we’re fighting over a fictional work with such fervour you’d think world hunger will end and world peace is right around the corner.

In the case of Miss Irene Adler, the centre of much of this attention I would like to point out the following in my own opinion (hint, this means you don’t have to agree with it but this is what I believe):

  1. Consulting Moriarty does not make her weak anymore than it does any male villains who do so. Jim Moriarty did say he’s the only consulting criminal out there. It would be stupid not to check other resources when facing a new opponent. Knowledge is power.
  2. Love and sex do not always equate. For some, the gender you are sexually attracted to is the one you will fall in love with. With others, this won’t be the case. If you hear that conversation between Watson and Adler again, you’ll hear Watson denying he’s gay followed by Adler admitting she is followed by “look at us both.” It means despite either of their sexual orientations, there’s something about Sherlock (an asexual) that reaches beyond those neat little barriers.
  3. Saving Watson is wonderful. Saving Adler is her being a damsel in distress. I call bullshit.
  4. For those who didn’t watch the scene and decided to take a pee break or something to have missed this, when Sherlock first saw Adler in person, he was knocked off course because she had nothing for him to scan and deduce by. This is especially obvious when he looks to Watson and sees that yes his Sherlock scan works (and also to us peon viewers who might not get the clue ahem). Look to number 1 about the consulting criminal because Moriarty did a similar thing in altering his appearance (the data) so that Sherlock would wrongly deduce about him.
  5. A man using sex as a weapon and power leverage is hot and sexy a la James Bond or in this case Sherlock (poor Molly). A woman who uses it is a slut. The fact that Adler became enamoured enough in a crush for her password is held over her. If Irene Adler was a man doing the exact same things in this episode, we would have homophobic wank and lots of happy fangirls. I do not see the same blasting towards Moriarty who could be argued to have the same level of fascination with Holmes or doing the same things.
  6. For those who cannot count, Adler got three over Holmes before he got one over her. First when she took back her phone. Second when she faked her death that he believed it. Third when he broke a code that incriminated him and forced Mycroft to his knees. It was only in the last ditch reasoning he caught up to her.
  7. It is my understanding that in feminism, regardless of gender you will all have the same choices without sexist judgments. If a woman wants to be housewife she will not be belittled for not taking the chances if she chose of her own volition knowing her available choices. The same goes for if she wants to be front line soldier in being unfeminine. She should be able to choose being a mechanic, an oil rig worker, a kindergarten teacher, CEO etc. without the fuss of anyone who is not her. The same goes with a man wanting to be any of those things including wanting to be a house husband.

That is all.

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